It is frustrating that you are playing table tennis and you don’t know how table tennis comes from, who invented table tennis. I like knowing something that I am interested in. And I feel everybody should. I am happy for you that you are intended to know about table tennis and you are reading about it.

Table tennis is one of the popular sports in the world. Around 900 million people and 226 countries are associated with table tennis according to ITTF’s last update. In London, people are aged 16 and over, play table tennis for at least 30 minutes in a weak. And it is not stoped here, the numbers are increasing day after day.

So, today I will walk you through the journey of table tennis from the beginning to the present.

Who invented table tennis?

When the question “who invented table tennis” arises, there are multiple manes that come ahead. In the 1880s Rich Victorians were the first inventors (unofficially) of table tennis. And J.H. Singer named the sport table tennis. Then David Foster officially introduced this sport in 1890. After that, John Jaques & Son came with a new name the “Gossima”.

History of Table Tennis

Table tennis has crossed lots of uphill and downhill to be established as a popular sport in the world.

In 1880 (when the lawn tennis players had to stop playing during the winter period) table tennis was a part of a party to the British Rich Victorians. They used to play table tennis as indoor lawn tennis after their dinner party.

Note: At this time, it was not named “Table Tennis”. They just played on a dining table with a wine cork as a ball, cigarette box lid as paddles and the table was divided by a row of books as a net.

In the 1888s the sport was played on board and named “table tennis” by J.H. Singer. Then David Foster officially announced table tennis as a table version of lawn tennis in 1890.

Who is the Father Founder of Table Tennis?

If we look at the fast, table tennis has not a specific father, It was founded by a group of British people. Kind of bustard, lol (jokes apart).

But table tennis got its fulfillment by J.H. Singer. So you can say Mr. Singer was the father founder of table tennis.

When was the Table Tennis Invented?

Table tennis was officially invented in 1890 when people accepted this game as a sport. Though people had been playing table tennis unofficially before a decade from it was invented.

Who Gave the Name Table Tennis?

J.H. Singer gave the name table tennis in 1888. He reshaped this game and put some rules, but now most of them are not applied.

History of Ping Pong

Though table tennis and ping Pong are slightly different in sound. But these two names came from the same root.

Where did the Name Ping Pong Come from?

Actually, the name “Ping Pong” comes from the sound itself. While playing ping pong/table tennis at that time, there was a sound like “ping pong” when the ball touched the table. Then they (who were playing) instantly pick the name and spread it. In 1901, the “Ping Pong” was registered as a trademark of the sport.

Who Started Ping Pong?

Firstly some British upper-class people started Ping Pong as an after-dinner game. They didn’t even think that this game will be one of the most popular games in the world. They played with cigarette box led as racket and wine bottle’s cork as the ball.

Where did Ping Pong Originate?

The game ping pong was originated in England. Some of the aristocratic businessmen and government employees started the game in a recreational manner.

The History of Table Tennis Racket

As we all know, the cigarette box lids are used as table tennis paddles at the beginning. Since then the racket has been changing many times in 149 years.

In 1902 J. Jacques & Son created a racket with a 50cm long handle for the first time. Then the wooden rackets came. After that, the wooden racket was covered by rubber which was later evolved with a pimple surface.

The rackets covered with pimple rubber ruled the sport until the sponge racket came. In the 1952 world championship, the Japanese player Hiroy Satoh appeared with a sponge-covered bat and won the championship.

From then on, the racket got popular and the revolution of the table tennis racket started. Hope there will be more changes in rackets in the future.

The History of Table Tennis Ball

As I mentioned before, in the very beginning wine cork was used as a ball. Then the rubber ball had come. But the problem with this ball was bounced too much during the play. And people felt disturbing while playing with this ball and lost their interest in table tennis. Even the popularity of this sport got flowed.

In 1900 Parker Brothers introduced a new celluloid ball and which brought tremendous change in table tennis. The ball ruled table tennis until the radical plastic balls came. In 2014 the plastic balls replaced the celluloid balls under ITTF.

How Table Tennis is Brought to the World Stage

Table tennis took place after the Table Tennis Association was founded in 1912 in England. After 10 years of being found of the Table Tennis Association, the first world championship held under this “association”.

And over time the sport spread all over the world. After more than a century of being invented table tennis was included as an Olympic sport in 1988.

Table Tennis diplomacy

In 1970 table tennis was not just a sport, it worked as a bridge between the two diplomatic countries the USA and China. In 1970 when the USA and China were going through a cold war, then the two country’s well-wishers arranged a friendship table tennis match between them.

After this match, the USA president Richard Nixon made a historic visit to China. This is how table tennis stopped a war between the two countries.


  • Which come first table tennis or ping pong?

According to the history of table tennis, ping pong comes first. And then table tennis replaced ping pong. But till now people recognize this game with both names.

  • Is ping pong from china?

Most of the people think ping pong from china of their first hearing the name ping pong. But it was from England.

  • What country invented ping pong?

Ping pong was invented in England.

Final Verdict

Every sport is a blessing for humans and table tennis as well. So, we should remember them with respect who were related to bringing this sport to the present.