Do you know there are so many table tennis rackets in the market which are made especially for offensive players?

In the beginning, I was sunk in a hallucination thinking offensive table tennis players can win a match easily and I started playing offensively. Along with this, I also started searching for the paddle that was suited to my playing style.

A friend of mine who was also one of the offensive players suggested the Stiga pro carbon which is more than I deserved.

Today I will share with you the journey of mine with Stiga pro carbon table tennis racket that will be seen as the paddle review.

Let’s start at…


Stiga pro carbon with a high-performance rating made with impressive construction. The 5 layers of blades are balsa wood and two carbons that approved by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). The heavy handle of the paddle makes you more offensive. And makes your ball more speed, spin, and control.


The Swedish table tennis company Stiga Table tennis has been making paddles since 1944 and Stiga pro carbon is one of their best products.

This table tennis racket has 5 layers blade and 2 layers of carbon that are covered by the S5 rubber with 2.0MM sponge on both sides.

And they placed WRB metal in the center of the handle for balancing the weight with 7 layers. Stiga uses nanotechnology for tight the sponge with rubber.

Who Will Love This or Who Won’t

Each paddle has some special features for a specific reason to make a different appearance in the market as well as Stiga pro carbon.

There are so many paddles out there that are suite with your playing style.

So Stiga pro carbon is made for considering offensive players. The heaviness of the paddle makes a ball more speed and grip.

If you like to play the offensive game then Stiga pro carbon is the best paddle for you.

On the other hand, if you like to play defensively, your result might be disappointed at the end of the game with this paddle.

And if you are a beginner, I would recommend you to skip this paddle. There are so many paddles that have been made for beginners.

Construction Features

Stiga Pro Carbon Review

Blade: The five layers of blade are made of lightweight balsa wood. It reduces the weight of the paddle and makes the shots offensive for the opponent. Due to the softness of this blade, it makes paddle longevity.

Carbon: The carbons are set by two layers and covered by sponge rubber. It increases sensitivity and makes the ball more spin. If the rubber is damaged, you have an option to change it.

Nanotechnology: The nanocomposite technology makes the rubber and carbon tight and makes the ball speed.

Handle: The heavy handle maintains a balance with blades. That’s why if you play for a long time, you wouldn’t feel wrist pain.

Why You Should Buy Stiga Pro Carbon?

After reading this article so far, if you cannot decide what you should do. I am going to show some advantages that will help you to make the decision.

Let’s see

Price: When you go for a new paddle, the price will always be a concern. I think the Stiga pro carbon is affordable for a regular ping pong player. This is the best part of the paddle.

Speed: I think Stiga pro carbon speed is far better than others. With nanotechnology rubber, when you take a shot the opponent will be confused to face your shot. But you have to control your paddle.

Spin: If you can make the ball spin, the Stiga pro will give you 100% from its side. I think making a ball spin is more dependent on a player’s skill than a paddle. So make sure you are skilled enough to make it. Stiga will give you its best.

Control: Stiga’s control is compromised with the speed and spin of the paddle. Since it made for offensive purposes. When you start taking shots offensively you do not have to think about control. It is your opponent’s job.

Performance rating:

Speed         =       99%

Spin           =       100%

Control      =       80%9

stiga pro carbon review

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  • Made by a trusted company
  • Reasonable price
  • Better spin and speed
  • Suitable for offensive play


  • Heavier than others
  • Not for beginners and defensive player


Final Verdict

I think only a good paddle cannot make you a better player. If you are not good at playing you cannot move to the next level with bats in this sport.

After reading the Stiga pro carbon review, I am sure you are starting to believe that this paddle has all the features to buy for an intermediate player. So go and grab the Stiga pro carbon.