Tell me one thing! Like what things do you notice before choosing a ball or did the question ever come in your mind before?

Today I will walk you through the answers to the questions above and talk about Stiga 3 Stars ping pong ball.

Stiga 3 Stars Ping Pong Ball Review

Sometimes a product can be chosen by its brand.

In table tennis, Stiga is one of the top listed and reputed brands for table tennis equipment.

Now I am going to review the Stiga 3 stars in detail.


The hardness of the ball is too good. The more a ball is hard the more it will last.

There are several balls in the market those are not so hard and do not last for a certain time. If you tap on the ball with your thumb you can differentiate by yourself whether it’s hard or soft.

So, Stiga 3 stars will pass you over the difficulties of identifying the hardness of a ball.


If the ball you pick is not getting perfect roundness, you will be proven as dull player. Though you are good at playing.

A ball can not perform what you exactly expect without perfect roundness. Stiga 3 stars have got perfect roundness.

If you twirl on the ball, you can check the roundness.


Have you ever noticed a ball remains harsh on its bodies?

You can see many bolls out there have harsh on their bodies. They are not only bad for table tennis, but they also ruin the tables and paddles.

It is most important to check the smoothness of a ball before buying a ball.

But you do not have to worry about the smoothness of Stiga 3 stars ping pong ball. You can buy it closing the eyes.


Stiga 3 Stars Ping Pong Balls

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  • 40+ mm size
  • ITTF Approved
  • Excellent Bounce


  • High price


The Performance of Stiga 3 Stars

Till now we discussed about the body or outside of the ball. Now we will see how it perform at all


The spin is neither generated by a good ball nor a good paddle but the player. Stiga will give you the hundred percent if you are capable of generating spin.

But if you are not skilled enough to generate spin, you can not claim the ball.

Stiga 3 stars will perform it’s best by itself. If you play well you will get the high spin rang.


Speed is the most important thing in a ball. the best ball always remain the best speed by itself.

Stiga also remains high speed. If you are good at ping pong you will get the speed you expect.


If you hit a ball and the ball is not bounce that means you have picked the worst one.

If the ball does not bounce enough you can’t enjoy the game.

Stiga has a perfect bounce. This ball will perfectly bounce when it drops on the table.

My Opinion

If I make a list of best balls Stiga will be included in my list. I believe that Stiga 3 stars ping pong ball will be the flawless choice for beginner and intermediate players.

Final Verdict

I don’t believe if the name Stiga comes up there is a second thought to make the decision to pick the ball. Stiga is the name by itself. So, pick the Stiga 3 Stars and take your game to the next level.