You know what! The fullness of an advanced table tennis player comes along with the Palio Legend 2 in his hand.

We are all intended to play our favorite game with the best equipment. A table tennis player also wants to play with the best paddle of the trend.

But before being a user the best one, you have to be eligible for this.

Who can Use the Palio Legend 2

If you are a beginner in table tennis or struggling to improve your skills you should better skip this paddle. Because you cannot cope with the way it makes spin and speed.

Basically, this table bat is made for advanced players.

Construction of Palio Legend 2

This table tennis racket is collaborated by tow companies that the Chinese brand Palio and the UK brand Expert Table Tennis in 2013. They released the paddle to aimed at advanced players.

Blade: This table tennis racket is formatted by five layers of blade. Every blade is made of high-quality wood.

Rubber: The Palio Hadou rubbers are 2.0 mm thicker. They make the ball auto spin and speed. The rubbers are also replaceable if they become damaged.

Handle: The handle of this table tennis racket is wider in the end.

So, it will be hard to play who is used to play with penhold grip.


This table tennis racket is the most expensive paddle of the Palio series.

However, it performs the most how the other Palio series of paddles do.

Speed: The scores of the speed of this paddle are 10 out of 10. So, you won’t get an option to complain about the speed. The 5 layers of blade and Palio Hadou rubbers deliver the maximum speed to the ball.

Spin: If you’re an advanced table tennis player or master on creating spin, this table tennis racket will perform as a weapon against your opposition. The spin scores of this paddle are 9 out of 10.

Control: Comparatively, you will have less control than spin and speed of this paddle.

Moreover, you will find a table tennis racket often that has all of the three like speed, spin and control in a similar range.

For being a little bit heavier than other paddles, the ball can be slipped out from the paddle.

If you are not good at hitting the ball on the paddle, it will suffer you.

However, after a few days of playing it will be in your control.


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  • Reasonable price
  • Included a paddle case
  • High speed and spin
  • ITTF approved


  • Little bit heavy
  • Low control
  • Not for beginners


How Customer Reacted on Amazon:


“I had bought a Palio master 2 about 9 months ago and I wanted to try a more advanced paddle and chose the Palio legend 2. It worked well and fit my play style very well and my serves and smashes have more spin and I am able to better deal with shots with lots of backspin because of this paddle.
Unfortunately, about 3 weeks after using it the handle cracked in a match. I contacted Palio and they were extremely awesome and offered to replace the paddle and after 2 days I received a new one!
I really appreciate a company that supports their products and I give this company and the legend 2 a big thumbs up! Thank you for everything!”

Oscar Rosales,

“Oh boy……this paddle IS FAST, be careful when receiving because you may send the ball out of the table. Perfect for fast loops and if you control it, it’s also good for chops near and far from the table. Also, this paddle generates so much spin!!”

Final Words

As I said before, the beginners would not make scores with Palio Legend 2. So, you should better avoid the paddle. There are more paddles around you.

But if you are at the intermediate level, this paddle will help you to take your game to the next level. So make your order now.