In Table Tennis, most of the beginners make mistake while choosing their first paddle. First of all, they search for a cheap paddle (It is obvious to search for cheap paddles at the beginning). But they pick a shabby paddle instead of knowing that there is also a better paddle within the cheap price, Palio expert 2 is one of them.

So, I am going to review about this paddle today.

Who Can Use The Palio Expert 2

Basically, this paddle is made by aiming beginners in table tennis. The intermediate players don’t feel comfortable with this paddle. Thye prefers something better like the Palio Legeng2. So, Palio Expert2 probably helps you to become an intermediate player from the beginner but not the winner of a tournament.

If you are a beginner and you are still learning the basic moves of table tennis then Palio Expert is a better choice for you.


When these two brands: the Palio and the Expert Table Tennis collaborate, something surprising comes out. The Palio expert is one of them.

Blade: The five layers of blades are made of some awesome woods. Since, it is an upgraded version of Palio expert, the blades better than the old one.

Rubber: If you can generate a good spin with your hand but rubber is not as much as good, you will not get the maximum spin from a paddle that you can expect. So, in creating a spin the rubbers need to be better as well as your skill. The Palio expert will not disappoint you to create spin. It’s all about how you brush a ball.

Although you are a beginner and cannot generate spin at the beginning, it will help you to improve your spin.

Handle: The end of the handle is wider than the starting. So, the handle will be a little bit awkward to the penholder. On the other hand, it will be cozy for them who play with Shakehand grip.


The Palio expert is a premade paddle. Especially it is highly recommended for beginners. There is no better paddle that can be found within the same range of price.

Speed: The Palio Expert 2 is a little slower. But if you are a beginner and this is the first time you hold a paddle; you wouldn’t feel it.

I think it is better to be a paddle slower for the beginners.

Basically, if you compare with the advanced paddle, it will feel slower or if you compare with the same category’s paddle it will fell fast.

Spin: I think as a beginner you should focus on improving your skill instead of generating spin. The Palio expert is more than enough to create the spin for beginners. You don’t have to think about creating spin.

Control: The best part of this paddle is control. The Palio and ETT have put their most effort on the control of this paddle. They know which part is needed to be better in a paddle for beginners.

The control rate of this paddle is 9/10.

palio exper 2 review
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  • Reasonable price
  • ITTF approved
  • High control rating


  • Little heavy
  • Low speed rating


How People Reacted on Amazon


If you are transitioning from being “recreational” to playing club tourneys this is a solid first bat. I like the blade quite a lot and use it with faster rubbers on a different setup. The CJ8000 rubbers are not bad. They are quick-enough and just sticky enough to pull off higher spin technique. Give it a good 6-9 months of play and see where you are at. Odds are you will want something a little faster and sticky before a year of practice/play is up. By then you’d need to replace your rubber anyway.

This is probably the best “pre-made” you can get.


I bought this paddle to step up my game and compete with the top players at my office during lunch. They all have paddles that are worth upwards of $200. This paddle has brought my game to their level. You cannot beat this value. The paddle is very durable. It has been used heavily for about half a year now and where others have snapped their expensive paddles… this one has handled everything thrown at it. And the fact that you can replace the pads on either side is awesome. Highly recommended!!!

Final verdict:

Having said that, if you are a beginner, I would highly recommend you to buy the Palio Expert 2. Trust me, your cost will be worthy. Best wishes on your table tennis journey.