The ball is one of the most important things in table tennis as well as paddle and table. And choosing the best ball is also important for a smart player. There are so many balls scattered in the market. Sometimes it’s being confusing to pick the best ball for own.

So today we are going to review on Nittaku premium4+ table tennis ball.

nittaku table tennis balls

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  • Durability
  • ITTF approved
  • Bounces enough


  • High price
  • Three in one packet


Nittaku table tennis ball review

In 2015, when players were struggling with mess-rounded plastic balls, surprisingly the Nittaku a Japanese ball manufacture brand introduced the Nittaku40+ three stars. And people just swallowed it.

Let’s see some features why you are going to pick this ball

Hardness: The harder a ball will be the better it will perform. If you tap on the Nttaku ball with your thumb, you can feel the hardness of this ball. being a non-celluloid ball it will last for a long time. And there is no possibility to be cracked.

Roundness: Nittaku premium is the perfect rounded ball. the cause behind to be popular in a short time to everyone is the perfect roundness of this ball. when a ball gets perfect round, you will get your desired shot from this ball.

Smoothness: If you make a comparison between the Nattaku and the other plastic ball you can see the differences how smooth Nittaku than the other one. Plastic balls have rashes on their bodies. So, they harm the table and scratch the sponge of a paddle. But Nittaku won’t harm your table and paddle, due to its smoothness.

Ball sound: If a ball sounds harsh during play, it would be annoying to both you and your opponent even the audiences. Most of the plastic balls make the harsh sound as it drops. But the sound of the Nattiku is dynamic. It creates a rhythm when it touches the table.

Spin: Spin is the most important to a passionate player. It gets worse when you paly with a ball but it is not being spun after your attempts. But Nittaku will give you the spin more than your attempts.

My Opinion

Since 2015, Nattaku premium has been one of the best table tennis balls in the world. If you are passionate about your table tennis and if you want a ball that will give you the performance you want then Nittaku is the best table tennis ball for you.