The Killerspin is one of the top listed table tennis equipment brands in the world. This American brand has been come into focus to everyone over the past few years with its best table tennis equipment. Killerspin Jet 500 is one of their rackets.

So, today we are going to talk about the Killerspin jet 500 table tennis racket which is the 5th addition of their Killerspin series.

Killerspin Jet 500 Table Tennis Review

The truth is, any racket of Killerspin does not need to be reviewed. When people see the level of Killerspin they pick the paddle closing their eyes. If you are new to buy this racket or want to know what makes it best then don’t stop reading.

For Whom or Not

Every racket has its own standard level. I believe, Killerspin Jet 500 is the best racket for intermediate players (you are also going to believe this after reading the entire article).

Beginners can also use this paddle but it will take some time to get adjusted with. If I come to the advanced players, they will skip the racket. I am not saying Killerspin Jet 500 won’t be playable to them, they prefer something better.


A paddle is being considered as the best paddle when it performs well and the performance depends on the construction of a paddle.

So, today we will look at the construction of this paddle like the blade, rubber, and handle.

Blade:  The durability of a paddle depends on its blade. Killerspin jet 500 has 5 layers of the blade with 6.5mm thickness. The blades make this paddle hard and deliver the ball fast. But the blades also make this paddle a little bit heavier.

Rubber: Rubber is the most important part of a paddle. The rate of spin, speed, and control depends on the rubber which is being used in a paddle. Killerspin jet 500 has 2.0mm high tighten Nitrx-4Z rubber on both sides which are ITTF approved. And they are best for making spin, speed, and control the ball.

Handle: Suppose you have a paddle and you don’t feel comfortable holding this, what will be the result at the end of the game? So, the handle is also an important part of a paddle. The handle is so adjustable for grip. Killerspin has a wonderful handle that keeps the compatibility with the blade.

Killerspin Jet500 Table Tennis Racket Review

  • High spin rate
  • Nitrox-4Z rubber
  • ITTF approved


  • High price
  • Little heavier


A paddle can be defined as the best paddle depending on the rating of spin, speed, and control.

Spin: Spin is very important for an intermediate player to become an advanced player.

So, when you decide to pick a racket, you have to make sure how fast and how many spins it can generate.

The spin rate of the racket is 9 out of 10. I feel this is enough for an intermediate player.

Speed: Speed is important for an advanced player. When you have strong confidence in generating spin with your racket, your speed starts increasing automatically.

The speed rate of this paddle is 8. As Killerspin jet 500 is a little heavier, you get high speed.

Control: Basically control is crucial for beginners. When you get up to the intermediate level, your control will be developed over time.

The control rate of this paddle is 7.5 which is the best for an intermediate player. You can even skip this.


After knowing all of these, if you feel the Killerspin Jet 500 is not going to suites you then there is another racket I will recommend. This is Palio Legend 2. I can say with confidence you will love it.