Did you ever play with the intention of losing during the game you play?  Wining is the ultimate purpose of a game. Every competitive game even task starts with the intention of winning/success.

Winning and losing is part of a game. You have taste the both of them. But no one wants to lose.

So, being thirsty for winning is a characteristic of a player.

How to win at ping pong

  • Choose a decent paddle
  • Play under a coach
  • Choose and idle player
  • Start with effective service
  • Observe the opponent
  • Create spin
  • Return service
  • Take the right move


You can easily lose but hard to win. Every winning player does some particular tasks and practice is one of them. Besides that, if you follow some strategies, it will be easy to win a ping pong game.

Today I will discuss some important things that will take you to the zenith of the race fo winning at ping pong. Now I will share some effective tips that will make you know how to win at ping pong.

So, let’s see how a professional player wins at ping pong.


Bat, racket, paddle call whatever you want. It plays a vital rule in ping pong. The spin and speed of a ball depend on a paddle.

Choosing the best equipment is the most important for every task, not just ping pong. It is seen that most of the beginners do not give much importance to pick the paddle. They think if they can do a little better in the game then they will go with the best paddle.

But when you start playing well with a paddle at the beginning and want to convert to a good one, It will be difficult to cope with.

So, I think you should play with a good bat from the beginning of the game. As a result, you will become accustomed to playing with this paddle.


If you want to be a professional table tennis player you need a coach who can teach you better. Without the guidance of a coach, you cannot take yourself to the next level. A coach will teach you various kinds of strategies to win a game.

Choose An Idle Player

Every player has a different playing style. When we start playing games. We are influenced by an idle and try to copy the style of how he plays.

So, choosing an idle is a great idea for every kind of game.

Effective Serve

A good serve will establish you as a good professional payer. Serve is the only way that you can manipulate your ball. When you get the ball in your hand, you can play as you like.

So, you cannot be a good table tennis player skipping the importance of service. Cheek the most useful serves in table tennis.

We included some tricks that will help you to make your serve better. Take a look below.

Take Your Position

When you take the ball and bat on your hands make sure you are well-positioned. Always try to take a position in the middle of the table. If your opponent heats the ball toward whether your left side or right. You can move easily to return the ball to your opponent.

Observe Your Opponent

This is the most important and difficult task to observe an opponent. Once you observe your opponent, the game will be easier for you. Let’s find how you can observe your opponents.

  • Position: See the position of your opponent. If he stands right of the table, try to serve on his left side and if he stands on the left side, go with the right. Or if he stands middle of the table, try to make long serve.
  • Opponent Weakness: After playing for a while find out his weakness. Which service difficult for him to return, on which side he is weak. Then start targeting his weakness, catching an opponent’s misfortune in a game means you have won half of the match.
  • Deception: Deception is an additional advantage of a game. Try to cheat as much as you can by following the rules of the game. See the service rules of ITTF After seeing them you will find the way by yourself how to cheat on an opponent.


Spin is the most important part of ping pong. Spin is the signature of an advanced player. It can differentiate between intermediate and advanced players. Spin is the only way that you can confuse your opponent with. Basically, three types of spins are the most popular and effective in ping pong. Let’s talk about basic spins.

  • Backspin: Backspin is a beginner level spin of ping pong. When someone starts learning spin, the first choice is backspin. Backspin is mostly comfortable for defensive players. To make the backspin, toss the ball and let it fall. Then contact the ball underneath of your bat and graze the ball to the middle of your bat and heat slowly. Since the service is slow, your opponent will not play aggressively from the start.
  • Topspin: Topspin is the most important service for advanced players. If you make topspin service to your opponent, it will be difficult to return the ball unless he is experienced. Basically, topspin is not bounced at the opponent’s side. Then if your opponent heats the ball it goes over the table or slipped out from the bat. To make topspin, hold the ball and toss it then contact the ball with upward of the bat and brush the underneath of your bat and throw it.
  • Sidespin: Sidespin is also called pendulum serve. This service is mostly implemented by advanced players. Usually, beginners cannot dominate the service easily. You have to go through a certain time in the game to be a master of this service. This versatile service is very popular in ping pong. Because you can make backspin, topspin, short serve, long service, middle serve even you can serve down the line with the sidespin. To make this service hold the bat vertically and toss the ball. Then let the ball fall down. Contact the ball with the middle of your bat then graze the ball to the top and throw the ball.

Return Serve

You can not win a match only learning the different kinds of services but also need to know how to receive service and send it back to your opponent’s side. Honestly, returning a spin service is tough and you can not learn it by reading an article. You have to work on practice. The service you are facing is can be topspin, sidespin, backspin, short, long, middle. The most important thing is returning services are understanding them. By understanding the services, you can decide how you should return. Push? Flick? Block? Chop? Should you be aggressive or defensives? It depends on understanding the service. So, try to play on different kings do services, and practice more.

Mashup Serve

You cannot win a match by doing just one type of service. You have to mashup the serve with different kinds of service. So, your opponent will be confused thinking about what service are you going to do?


The more you move the better result you would get. Movement and service are equally important in table tennis. If you move your body as you like, it will be easy to win a match. You have to move yourself according to your ball’s speed.

Final Verdict

It will be difficult to win a match skipping one of the above. Or you might be defeated following every tip above.