Can you imagine, heading your ping pong journey without spin? No one in the ping pong how spends hours to learn how to put Spin on Ping Pong ball in serve.

I believe spin is the oar of every ping pong player to take them to the next level.

The truth is, there is no other alternative way to reach on top in ping pong skipping spin.

That’s why people who want to establish a better career in ping pong, are kneed to learn how to put a spin on ping pong ball in the serve or middle of the rally.

What is a Spin in Table Tennis?

Spin is the hidden arsenal of the table tennis players. The more you can attain it the far you can go. People are starving to learn spin who play table tennis.

Basically, spin is the circulating flow of a ball that can be created by tangential brushing with a table tennis racket. When you hit a ball flipping the racket using upward or downward at 900 more or less, the ball starts circulating and changes the normal travel.

This is how the spin works and takes you to your goal. I believe, spin is the most desirable thing people knee to learn in table tennis.

How a Spin is Created and What is Important to Create a Spin?

To create a perfect spin, you need to focus on three things contact, brush, and acceleration. Practicing is the first theme if you want to be master on them.

Before learning how to put a spin on ping pong serve, it is important to know that, where we need to emphasize. On Contact, grip, brush, or wrist.

Contact: It is not like that the faster you can move the racket the better you can create spin. It is about contacting. Your spin will be better on how perfectly you can contact between racket and ball. You need to know which contact between racket and ball makes spin. Where to hit a ball on.

Grip: As we all know there are multiple grips in ping pong like Shakehand grip, Penhold grip, and so on. Basically, grips are the way of holding ping pong paddle. You can find more about the grips here. So you can create spin in every grip. There is less importance on grips creating spin in ping pong serve.

Acceleration: You will be judged how good at spin by the acceleration. After a certain amount of time, every table tennis player starts getting better on spin and developing gradually. So, you have to accelerate your move, brushing, and contact.

Wrist: The wrist is also important to create spins. If your wrist is flexible, you can create high-quality spins. Because the wrist makes it easy to brush a ball. So, if you combine the wrist and brush together and put sufficient speed on the bat, you can rock on the ping pong table with spins.

Brushing: Brushing is the most important to create spin in serve. Brushing defines what kind of spins you want to create, backspin, sidespin, or topspin. The better you can brush your ball the better spin you can create.

Brushing and contacting are pretty similar. Contacting is making contact with the racket in the right place of a ball. When you contact between racket and ball then the brushing comes. If you can make the racket contact with the ball in right place and then brush precisely, the perfect spin comes out. The more you can brush the ball, the more you will get spin in it.

Types of Spin in Table Tennis

Ping pong has three types of spin that are Topspin, Backspin, and sidespin. If you go far in ping pong, you will see some other spins like Mixed spin and Cork Spin.

Today we are going to talk about the three spins that are fundamental in ping pong and most of the players like to play with them.

What is Topspin in Table Tennis

Topspin is the most popular and widely used spin in modern table tennis. When a player thinks about spin, Topspin comes first. Topspin is used as an offensive stroke that is transformed into ball rotation by

Why Topspin is Important

Topspin called as “first attack”. 55.85% of points are achieved with this spin and 50% of winning players attack with topspin.

Why do you Learn Topspin?

If you are intended to winning a table tennis match, you should learn Topspin first. Topspin is easier to learn than other spins. And the result is worthier.

What is Sidespin in Table Tennis?

Sidespin is the way of making a ball spin by brushing the ball in sideways motion from the right to left or left to right of a bat.

Why Sidespin is Important?

Sidespin is the heaviest spin in table tennis. Sidespin in a point-driving spin. Most of the players use this spin to dominate their opponent. The better you are in sidespin the more chances you have to win the game.

Why do you Learn Sidespin?

If you can create sidespin while table tennis game. You will be mention as an intermediate player. Sidespin place you in a standard level. Though sidespin takes time to be driven.

What is Backspin in Table Tennis?

Backspin is the way of a ball making spin in backward force by brushing the ball with the paddle.

Why Backspin is Important?

Backspin is an expert-level spin. Only expert players can play with backspin. When your opponent tries to be offensive backspin plays an important role to negate the opponent.

Why do you Learn Backspin?

Very few players are able to create backspin in table tennis. If you can rule this spin, you will see yourself in a unique position. I would suggest, beginners should wait a certain amount of time for backspin until you know basic grips, basic strokes, and spins.

How do you Serve in Table Tennis Like a Pro?

Serve is one of the shots that you have control on it. You have time to think about how and where you want to address the ball.

Mostly, beginners don’t focus on serve. They don’t realize how important a serve to outperform an opponent.

In this paragraph, I will share some tricks on how a pro player thinks and makes plans before serving in table tennis.

  • Make a position and follow the rule that ITTF approved.
  • See your opponent, if he stands close to the table, try to hit the ball to the last of the table so that the ball can bounce close to his body.
  • If he stands taking a far distance from the table, you can try backspin.
  • Keep your eyes on the ball
  • Take relax stand on the ground as you move whenever you need.
  • Don’t try to win at your serve, try to serve to your opponent’s weakness. when your opponent returns the ball then you should take the step to defeat him before he recovers himself from the weakness you touched with your serve.

How to Put Spin on Ping Pong Ball Serve

So, it is obvious that there are three sorts of spin in ping pong, backspin, sidespin, and topspin. If you can hit your opponent’s weakness with serve, you can go one step ahead of your opponent.

Let’s see, how you can put all three spins on ping pong ball in the serve…

How do you Serve Topspin in Table Tennis?

How to put spin on ping pong serve

  • Hold your racket as you ready to slice something with a knife
  • Through the ball and contact with the upside of the racket
  • Brush the ball as possible as you can

How do you Serve Sidespin in Table Tennis?

How to put spin on ping pong serve

  • Hold racket heading the frontend with 120-degree down
  • Through the ball and contact in the middle of the ball
  • And brush as much as you can
  • Lift up a bit front part of the racket using wrist after hitting the ball

How do you Serve Backspin in Table Tennis?

How to put spin on ping pong serve

  • Hold your paddle in a flat position
  • Through the ball and contact the ball with the front part of the racket
  • Brush the ball as much as you can
  • Lift up a bit the front part of the racket using your wrist as the ball leave the racket

Which Spin is Better for Serve

Among all the three spins in ping pong which one will give you the better result in serve?

Basically, most of the professional players refer to serve with backspin.

The good thing in backspin is your opponent has less opportunity to hit the ball in an attacking mood.

So, the thing is backspin will be a decent choice to serve.

Final Verdict

So, finally, I can hope that this article helped you to know the basics about how to put a spin on ping pong ball in the serve.