There are two types of ping pong players. One is a professional player the other one is a casual player. Every player wants to play well that way he plays. It does not matter how he plays whether good or bad. But he wants all the equipment to be perfect so as a paddle. Besides all the equipment of ping pong toady I will talk about how to make a ping pong paddle sticky.

When I was beginner, I used to play with an ordinary paddle that loses its stickiness. So I was embarrassed about that. I tried my best to keep stickiness of the paddle. But I can’t. Losing stickiness of a paddle is disappointed with every player.

So I thought, how it would be if I try to bring back stickiness of the paddle that already lost its stickiness? Then I started to bring back stickiness in different ways.

Now I will share with you the ways that I tried and made a paddle sticky.

So let’s get started.

The first thing you should do

See, a paddle cannot keep its stickiness forever. When you start playing with a paddle it will lose stickiness. You can not keep the stickiness forever but a long time. So I am going to share with you only two tips these will help you to avoid the questions “how to make a ping pong paddle sticky” for a long time.

1. Clean the paddle

At the first time when you bring out a paddle from cover, it remains stickiness. By playing with this paddle it will lose stickiness constantly. But if you clean the paddle every time after ending of the game, it will keep stickiness for a long time. So you do not have to worry about making sticky the paddle.

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2. Use a cover

There is no such thing as paddle only being dirty during the game. If you do not cover the paddle during its storage dirt can harm the paddle. So when you do not play make the paddle covered up.

How to test the stickiness

Before making a ping pong sticky you have to check the stickiness. Otherwise, if you want to make a paddle sticky which is already sticky it will be worse than better. So before you make a paddle sticky make sure that how much stickiness a paddle needs.

Let’s see how you can check stickiness of a paddle.

Take a paper as much as paddle size. Then stick the paper with paddle. And move around the paddle for two or three times. If you see the paper is sticked with the paddle. Then you can say your paddle is sticky enough. You do not have to make sticky your paddle.

But if you see the paper falls down you can make your paddle sticky.

So let’s see how you can make a ping pong paddle sticky……

Different ways to make a ping pong paddle sticky

When you feel that your paddle needs to be sticky then you have to know the way of making a paddle sticky. I will show the way that you were waiting for.

1. Rubber replacing method

The first and the better way to make a paddle sticky is replacing the rubber of a paddle. Most of the people do not recommend the way but I will. Let me explain why I recommend the replacing method.

Every paddle loses the stickiness is a certain time. But the paddle that you are playing with it is familiar with you. You already know how to play with this paddle. And how the paddle treats with a ball.

On the other hand, if you get a new one you need time to get adjusted to it.

So I think replacing method is the better and safe method that you can make a paddle sticky.

2. Oiling method

Oiling method is the most popular method among the other methods of making a paddle sticky.

In this method, you need a brush or some sunflower oil. Then massage the fairly amount of oil on the paddle with a brush. And let the paddle to soak oil for a few minutes. I think this method would make your paddle sticky.

If you say the oiling method is better than the replacing method. Then I would say there is a huge difference between a new sticky rubber and an old oiled sticky rubber.

3.Glue method

I would not recommend the glue method. It can harm your paddle. Though you are about to play at this time you feel that your paddle needs to be more sticky. Then you can try the glue method for a short time. But do not try more. It can kill your paddle as well as your game.

Final verdict

If you do not want to stay at the beginning level and want to go ahead in this game. I would highly recommend that you should purchase a good paddle. If you want to purchase a good paddle see the review best ping pong paddle.

A good paddle will keep you away from these kinds of problems. You can play smoothly with a good paddle for a long time.