At present, ping pong has become one of the most popular sports in the world. Like other sports, ping pong is also played for two purposes, recreational purpose and professional purpose. It has some nuanced things to learn to be a better professional ping pong player and spin is one of them.

So today we will discuss how to make spin a ping pong ball and why it is important.

Before we get into this, let’s look at some facts that should be followed before learning to put the spin on a ball.

Who Should Avoid Making Spin?

If you are a beginner, don’t try to make spin before knowing the basics of ping pong.

Remember, learning spin is the hardest part of ping pong. If you start making spin at the beginning, it is obvious that you will fail to make it and it will disappoint you. Sometimes people feel to quit this time.

So, I will recommend you stop thinking about making spin before you making yourself master the basics of ping pong.

How to Try Making Spin For the First Time?

When you will become a master of the basics of ping pong, you can try making it gradually.

If you determined to put spin on a ball for the first time, just start brushing the racket on the ball wherever you want and avoid thinking about what kind of spin you are making. Once you will put the spin on a ball, you can differentiate your spin as topspin, sidespin and backspin.

Why Spins are Important?

The spins define you as a professional between the recreational player and the professional player. Spin can make an opponent confused before understanding how the ball will act on his side. You can dominate your opponents by the spin you are master of.

How to Make a Ping Pong Ball Spin?

As I mentioned earlier. The spins are named by the three grades: topspin, sidespin, and backspin. Every spin is important to dominate a match and each one has its own distinctive characteristics to beat an opponent.

How to Make Topspin?

Topspin is the most common spin in ping pong. It is also the easiest spin. Most of the opponents can face it if he experienced on spin.

Basically, you cannot see enough spin in topspin. Topspin is popular for its speed more than its spin. Most of the beginners start making his spin journey with topspin.

It is more difficult to make spin on a ball during serve than return.

How to Make Topspin During Serve

  1. Stay horizontally middle of the table.
  2. Take the ball on your palm and toss it a minimum of 6 inches up as ITTF recommended.
  3. Let the ball back down and bend your racket less than 90 degrees.
  4. When the ball comes to your chest level, brush your racket with forehead on top of the ball.

How to Make Topspin During Return?

Everything as same as the serve to return with topspin. Just hold your racket with less than 90 degrees bend and keep brushing to of the ball.

How to Make Sidespin?

Sidespin is the most disturbing spin for a receiver. It changes the direction in the air that receiver cannot assume. So, it falls the receiver into a whole of confusion.

You can put sidespin on both during the serve and return.

How to Make Sidespin During Serve?

  1. Stand horizontally middle of the table
  2. Toss the ball and bend your racket with the wrist inside the body.
  3. Let the ball fall down and brush the racket on the side of the ball.

How to Make Sidespin During Return?

It is also the same as serve. Positioned yourself following the number 1 above. Keep your wrist bend inside your body then brush the side of the ball.

How to Make Backspin?

Backspin is the hardest spin in ping pong. Backspin takes a backward force before reaching the opponent racket.

So that the receiver cannot predict where the ball reaches and when it turns back. If you can be a master of backspin, it would be easy to win a match.

Basically, backspin is used during the serve. But some of the advanced players use it as a return.

How to Make Backspin During Serve?

  1. Stand horizontally middle of the table.
  2. Toss the ball up and bold your racket horizontally.
  3. Brush the racket on the back of the ball as it falls down.

How to Make Spin During Return?

You have to stand as same as you are during the serve to return. Then keep holding the racket horizontally and brush it on the back of the ball.

Some Things to Remember

Overall, I cannot make you a master of making spin through this blog post. I can only generate some basic ideas of all of the spins and the rest is yours. But make sure you hold the racket in an exact line that can contact the ball correctly on each side I mentioned to make the spin.

Final verdict

In order to put the spin on a ball is to know the way of brushing and how fast you can contact your racket with the ball. And this is only possible through practice. The more you practice the more you can generate spin on a ball. Best wishes for your ping pong journey.