How many times do you feel since you are playing, what if my table tennis rubber gets perished? if it happens how would I glue the rubber? Or did you ever fall in a situation that your table tennis rubber has been peeled off and you tried to replace it? If you did, how many times it successfully end?

Look, no matter how good and expensive paddle you have, it is obvious that after playing a certain amount of time the paddle starts losing its efficiency. By this time we stuck into a dilemma whether we will repair it or grab a new one.

Some of us table tennis players, when the paddle lost a bit of gum in its body, the paddle will no longer work and need to get a new paddle. We don’t think it can be repaired.

So, today I will make you think and walk you through how to glue table tennis rubber instead of getting a new one at a small cost and time.

Regluing Table Tennis Rubber VS Buying New Table Tennis Paddle

Buying a new table tennis paddle is undoubtedly exciting for a player. It’s like buying new clothes, releasing the favorite movie, hanging out with lovely friends to a table tennis player.

On the other hand, it can be different. Suppose you have a racket you are playing with that has been favorite since you play. But unfortunately, it gets perished. What would you do? Would you buy a new paddle or try to reglue it?

When it comes to favorite paddle I would say don’t change the paddle, reglue the rubber. Because you won’t get the similar feel you got with your old paddle. The way you got accustomed to the old paddle you can’t to a new one. You know how the old paddle works while playing. So, I believe regluing table tennis rubber is the best option for a favorite paddle.


Take a quick look…

  • Remove the perished rubber
  • Apply the glue on the blade and rubber
  • Attache the rubber on the blade
  • Roll the ball tube or rolling pin on the rubber you have attached 
  • Wait for 30 munites to dry
  • Cut the extra rubber 

Never do These Two Things Before Gluing

  1. Never use super glue as gum.
  2. If you see your bat lost the glue and got loose the rubber, don’t try to re-glue the place that lost the glue. Replace the entire rubber.

The Tools You Need

  • 2 pieces of new rubber, the backend rubber, and the forehead rubber.
  • Glue applicator/Brush.
  • Rolling pin or ball tube.
  • A sharp cutter.

How to Glue Table Tennis Rubber

Changing a table tennis rubber is not as difficult as people think. But if it is your first time re-gluing table tennis rubber, your second thought can hold you back.

However, believe me, it is as simple as you hold a table tennis paddle for the first time. So don’t think much, take a deep breath and go on.

When you have all the tools and you are ready to go, just see the film and follow the steps below.

How to Remove Old Rubber

The first step of re-gluing a rubber is removing the old rubber. Just pull the rubber and separate it carefully from the blade. There will be some leftover glue after removing it. Clean them by rubbing with a brush or fingers to avoid scratching the blade.

How to Apply The Glue

How to glue table tennis rubber1

The second step is applying the glue to the rubber and blade. Put them on a table or any other surface, make sure you have a paper where you are going to apply the glue to save the surface from spilled glue.

Then make a thin layer of glue on both blade and rubber using the brush. Wait and let them dry for 10 minutes. If you are in hurry, you can also use a fan to dry fast.

How to Apply the Rubber on Blade

How to glue table tennis rubber2

The third and most important step is attaching the rubber to the blade. Pick the glued rubber and align it with the bottom of the blade, then lay it down on the blade. Make the rubber outward smooth by rolling with the rolling pin or ball tube. Make sure the rubber is attached to the blade without any bubbles anywhere in the blade.

How to Cut The Excess Rubber

How to glue table tennis rubber3

The last step is cutting the extra rubber. Take the cutter and turn over the blade then cut the excess rubber smoothly. It needs a smooth hand. And put the level on the side of the blade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to remove glue from a table tennis blade?

You can remove the glue using a brush or rubbing your finger with warm water.

Can you reuse table tennis rubber?

If the rubber is not too perished you can use it for practice.

How many layers of glue do you need for table tennis rubber?

Only a thin layer of glue need for table tennis rubber.

How often should I change my table tennis rubber?

A professional player changes a ping pong rubber after 60 hours or you can say 4 weeks of using though it lasts more than that. But if you are a beginner you can use rubber for 3 months or more.

Table tennis glue alternative?

Rubber Cement is cheaper and decent as a glue alternative. Butterfly and Stiga provide this Cement

Final Verdict

It is not so difficult to re-glue a table tennis rubber. As an intermediate table tennis player, I believe that it is better to re-glue the paddle instead of getting a new one. Because, the way you play with your current bat, you can’t with a new one.