Honestly saying, when I started playing, I did not think about the name and differences of the game. Even the question “what is the difference between table tennis and ping pong” was not raised in my head. I enjoyed the game and everybody should. I think before going to a certain position of the game you do not need to think about whether table tennis or ping pong it is. The purpose of both games is pushing the ball to your opponent’s side to defeat him.

So, when you think about taking yourself to the next level, then you can differentiate between table tennis and ping pong.

Ping Pong and Table Tennis are likely the same. But the difference is, ping pong is played for entertainment. But table tennis is played for a goal by the professional players. Basically, ping pong is a game and table tennis is a sport.

Table tennis

Having said that, table tennis players intend to be professional and work on the sport for a certain time under a coach to develop their skills on and compete in a tournament. Basically they are ruled by some rules. And they have to work on it.

Ping pong

Most of the ping pong players intend to be entertained instead of being professional and they don’t work on the skills to play in a tournament. They just play with their family and collogues in leisure time for entertainment.

Why it has been Differentiated Between Table Tennis and Ping Pong

In 1887, the sports company John Jaques & Son created a sport and named it Gossima. Till 1900 they named this sport with several names but did not get popular. After that, they got a funny name called ping pong. And the name was spread rapidly around the world.

But after some time the sport’s company John Jaque & Son tried to dominate the game for their commercial purpose. Then some players who loved this sport, they walked out and formed the “Table Tennis Association” with the table tennis trademark. In 1926 the Table Tennis Association established as the “International Table Tennis Federation” (ITTF).

On the other hand, ping pong was also survived some particular states in America and Europe.

Let’s See How People Differentiate the Table Tennis and Ping Pong

After a long period, people start differentiating between table tennis and ping pong with some particular objects. Let’s see what they are.


Ping pong paddle: Ping Pong players use one kind of paddle that surfaces wrapped up with sandpaper.

Table tennis paddle: Table Tennis players use different kinds of paddle that customized by their won. The surfaces of the paddle wrapped up with sponges. And the color of the surfaces should be red and black.

The ball

Ping pong balls are somewhat bigger than table tennis balls.


Ping pong score: Ping Pong is played for 15 scores. Whoever can reach faster between two players in 15 points, he will win the match.

Table tennis score: Table Tennis is played for 11 scores. To win the match you have to be 2 points ahead from your opponent.


Ping pong rules: Ping Pong has no hard and fast rules. But people say that ball needs to be bounced twice both side of the table for every hit.

Table tennis rules: Table tennis has some particular rules by (ITTF). Serving rules, standing rules, Ball holding rules, etc. Check the Table Tennis Rules Here

Playing style

Ping pong playing style:  Most of the Ping Pong players play this game for entertainment. The playing style of ping pong is, it is a slower game, you cannot get spin from the paddle with sandpaper surfaces. It’s like an armature game.

Table tennis playing style: Table Tennis playing style is very fast. you can get the different kinds of spin from this paddle with sponge surfaces.


Ping pong: Ping Pong is not so popular than Table Tennis. But a certain amount of people loves this game. Every year the “World Championship of Ping Pong” held in England.

Table tennis: A huge number of people are involved and love Table Tennis, Obviously Table Tennis is more popular than ping pong. It is an Olympic sport. And there is also the “World Table Tennis Championship“.

Final verdict: I think paddles, rules, speed, spin, and the other objects are not the reason behind making the difference between Table Tennis and Ping Pong. It’s because of skill. Table Tennis players more skillful than Ping Pong players, that’s why Table Tennis got more popularity and become an Olympic sport.